AI is set to take over the world in a few years. Here are a few ideas how it will used to improve your life. Some are already being developed actively!

person kneeling inside building
Photo by Drew Graham / Unsplash
  1. Wine taste - Based on my profile, will I like this wine
  2. New cocktail recipes to wow your guest
  3. Aid doctors in medical diagnosis
  4. News written by AI
  5. Creating new perfume blends
  6. Search for missing person from city cameras
  7. Brew beer that you will like
  8. Optimal settings for home heating, light intensity
  9. Fashion pairing based on mood, body shape, and season
  10. Personalized tutor for supplemental education
  11. Analyze animal speech
  12. Optimal electricity generation at the power plant
  13. Live caption during public speeches or lectures
  14. Estimated time to complete task
  15. Instant karaoke during a concert
  16. Personalized training regime for athletes
  17. Voice controlled systems
  18. UI designed based on each user behavior
  19. New subway lines and stops  
  20. Voice recognition for security
  21. Monitor potential suicide behavior
  22. Do our taxes for us
  23. Analyze space telescope data for cosmic events
  24. Calculate calories from taking pictures of food
  25. Create new safe and efficient drugs
  26. Farming in difficult conditions like another planet or disaster sites
  27. AI Lawyer to fight for those who can't afford an attorney
  28. Pop music generator
  29. Scan for corruption in government spending

It's going to be an exciting century for technology for sure. As long as politicians don't kill us first. :)



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